Rusty Plough Farm

Rusty Plough Farm



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Distribution DistributionRondout Valley Organics, Kingston Farmers' Market, Retail
Type TypeVegetables
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Organic Vegetables, Herbs, Berries, Seedlings, Duck and Hen Eggs, Gift certificates

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Our vegetables are yummy, beautiful, vibrant and certified organic. On an intensive four acres, we produce a wide variety of greens, tomatoes, cukes, eggplant, onions, garlic, beans, radishes, turnips, herbs, squash and much more. Our delicious lettuce is in-season all-season-long. Our hens and ducks forage for bugs & other healthy treats outdoors, producing creamy, tasty eggs with a healthy firmness & bright golden yolk. We do our best to share the gift of our land wisely while providing a living for our family. We also manage an innovative, online marketplace of choice farm products from our neighbor-farmers. Rondout Valley Organics offers its members an abundant choice of veggies, herbs, flowers, berries, as well as eggs from pastured hens & ducks, meats, goat cheese products and much more. We consciously select producers who create fresh, flavorful & healthy foods. Pickup locations span the Rondout Valley of Ulster County and eastern Sullivan County.